Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Intro to High School Athletics

High School athletics provide some of the best times of kid’s life. For many athletes, sports provides a social circle, guidance, support and a way of continuing their education at the next level.  Unfortunately millions of youth athletes experience injuries each year that interrupt the ability for them to reach their highest athletic potential. As athletes grow and the competition becomes progressively more intense, there is a need for methods of training that improve athletic performance as well as reduce the risk for injury.
Many training programs focus solely on strength and speed but strength and speed are only a couple of the essential qualities an athlete needs to possess. There are six essential qualities that must be developed to become a complete athlete and reduce their risk for injury.

6 Essential Qualities:
            Speed / Quickness

Developing these qualities are essential for all high school athletes. While there are always additional sport specific physical and mental skills, the development of the essential qualities puts an athlete in excellent position to master any other sport specific skills that are needed to maximize their potential in their chosen sport.

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Blog post by Ryan Kempson.

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