Sunday, June 21, 2015

Progressive Overload

Are you no longer seeing results from your exercise routine?  Are you familiar with the principle of progressive overload?  If not, this might be what you're missing.   

Your body has most likely adapted to the demands you have placed on it when you started your exercise routine.  If you do not increase the amount of weight you are using or change your repetition schemes you will eventually plateau. 

This is where the principle of progressive overload come into play.  You need to progressively overload the musculoskeletal system and progressively increase the load as the tissues become accustomed to the stimulus. 

You are probably asking yourself how do I know when to increase the weights I am using and by how much?  As personal trainers, we are here to help make the most out of your gym experience by keeping you safe as you progress.  They will give you suggestions on which exercises you need to increase your weights and by how much.  

Dust off those exercise cards that you have memorized and schedule an appointment with a personal trainer today!

Blog Post by Eric Chandler CSCS.