Monday, October 24, 2016

Marathon Training Tip #16: Dominate Race Week

Congratulations!  You made it to race week!

Jon, Jen & Joe in 2015
You did all the hard work and logged all the miles.  It’s time to trust your training, let your body rest up and prepare for the big day.

If you missed a few training runs, don’t try to cram in extra miles or speed workouts before the race.  You are in taper.  Enjoy it.  Try to stay off your feet and avoid any extra activities that may tire you out or potentially injury you.  Take some time to put your feet up if you can.

Get to bed a little bit earlier every night this week.  Excitement and nerves often keep us tossing and turning the night before a big race but don’t panic.  It has been said that Ryan Hall broke the American Record at the Houston Half Marathon off of only a few hours of sleep!

Eat smart and stick to your regular diet.  Don’t try anything new—especially race morning and the night before the race.  Avoid spicy foods, seafood or anything with heavy cream that may upset your stomach and make sure you are hydrating throughout the week.

Arrive at the start line with a goal and a race strategy but be ready to adapt.  We all have good days and bad days.  What if Mother Nature does not cooperate or something goes wrong?  How will you recoup and finish the race when giving up is not an option?  I always say at some point of every race take a look around at all the other runners, volunteers and race supporters.  Everyone out there on the course has their own story to tell about their training and struggles.  Pull some motivation and inspiration from others around you.  Appreciate the run and learn from your experiences.

Thank you for following along!  If you missed any of our weekly training tips—from negative splits to strength training and kinesio taping, you can view them all by clicking on the Cape Cod Marathon tag:

Jen after the 2015 Cape Cod Half with race volunteer & Mashpee Fitness member Beth T.

Good luck out there!  Happy running!

Blog post by Jen Skiba.

About Coach Jen Skiba

Jen began her running career as a middle-distance runner for Falmouth High School and has been involved with the sport for over 12 years as a runner, official, race management, and coach.  A Mashpee Fitness trainer and Certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), Jen enjoys working with runners in the gym and on the roads. “Whether you are a beginner looking to get started running or at the intermediate level hoping to improve your times or tackle new distances, I can help you reach your goals!”

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