Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Outdoor Fall Activity Safety Tips

Fall is officially here! Although the weather is changing, we still have plenty of time for outdoor activities to supplement our exercise routines. Whether you are walking or biking and enjoying the scenery it is important to keep safety in mind.

Here are some tips to keep you safe during your fall activities:

If you are walking on roads or paths with traffic be sure to walk facing the traffic. If you are biking be sure to bike with traffic.

Looking both ways never goes out of style! Always check both directions before crossing any streets or paths.

Walk on roads single file, unless you are walking on a wide pedestrian/bike path or a sidewalk separated from the street.

If you are walking on a street or path with bikers and runners be aware of them passing. Bikers and runners should announce or use their bell if they are passing on the left/right.

Whether you are walking, biking, running it is important to be visible. If it is daytime wear bright clothing. For nighttime wear reflective gear and light colors.

One last tip to keep in mind is being aware of street safety. Choose routes that are used frequently by other walkers, runners, bikers. Avoid the path or area if you see something suspicious. Always be alert while you are out.

Blog post by Timarie Villa.

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