Friday, September 16, 2016

Autumn: A Transitional Time of Year

When the sun is setting earlier and the temps are cooling down it can be a challenge to continue with your gym routine. Don’t let the leaves changing throw you off your game, instead take advantage of this beautiful time of year and let it be a positive transition into the winter!

What Can You Do?

Sign up for community events
This is the perfect time of year to sign up for that turkey trot or reindeer romp! There are plenty of local walk/run road races that support great causes, so get your name on the list and begin the training today. You can do it!

Hit the Trails
Enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air outside by taking a trail run or walk on a nature path.

Turn Fall Chores into a Workout
According to Health Status, a 150-lb. person can burn 135 calories by raking leaves for 30 minutes. Turn outdoor chores into a game by setting small, achievable goals to help pass time and burn away fat

Exercise Early
With the time changing and the sun setting earlier it can feel like a real drag to get to the gym later in the day.  It feels later than it is and people feel more tired than usual. Get that workout in early and relax in the afternoon.

Vary Activities
With the cooler weather setting in, it might be time to try something new at the gym. Get into a spin class, try yoga or get a new set of exercises from a personal trainer. Set yourself up right for the winter!

Seasonal Advice

Dress for the weather
Invest in some comfortable cool weather workout gear. Dress in layers that can easily be shed so you can keep exercising in the outdoors a little longer.

Drink water, Drink Tea!
Don’t ignore the bodies’ need for water just because it’s cooler outside. Staying on top of your fluid intake can help with both exercise recovery and appetite control. Green tea and black tea contain antioxidants that help ward off diseases during flu season so you can remain healthy and active as the season shifts.

Avoid Holiday Candy & Treats
According to the National Institutes of Health, on average, non-obese adults gain about a pound a year around the holidays. Be sure to pack lots of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day to help deter you from grazing on sweets that pop up in the office, at home or at holiday parties.

Everyone dreads those holiday pounds so think of Fall as a time to prep yourself for a healthy winter. Setting goals and getting involved now will start your progression towards a happier, healthier you.

Blog post by Farran Jalbert.  

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