Monday, March 9, 2015

Yoga: Hamstring & IT Band Stretch

Tight hamstrings and IT bands are an issue for many people (especially athletes!), so today I’m sharing a great way to take care of those areas with a simple stretch you can do right at home!

For this stretch you’ll need a yoga strap if you have one, if not a belt, dog leash or rolled up towel will work perfectly fine.  As always remember to listen to your body and only go to the point where you feel a gentle stretch, if you feel pain you went too far.


  • A yoga strap, belt or towel


  • Begin laying on your back with both legs extended out on the ground
  • Bend up your right leg and place the strap, blanket or a rolled up towel around the ball or arch of your right foot
  • Extend the leg with the strap straight up towards the ceiling keeping the foot flexed and leg active
  • Hold and take 3-5 breaths here to lengthen and stretch the hamstring muscle


  • Move the strap to your left hand and slowly cross the right leg towards the left side of the body until you feel a gentle stretch on the outside of your right leg (that’s your IT band!)
  • Hold and take 3-5 breaths here to stretch the IT band


Repeat the sequence on the other side.

Done regularly these simple stretches can do wonders for that pesky hamstring and IT band tightness!

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Blog post by Danielle Nardi.

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