Monday, April 21, 2014

TRX Training for Runners

Everyone can benefit from TRX suspension training. It is a great way to develop core strength, as well as stability in joints and muscles. The TRX is easy to use and can be set up almost anywhere, which makes it a great piece of equipment to add to your workout routine. You chose how easy or how tough your workout will be by simply changing your body angle or the length of the straps making it a great tool for beginners as well as seasoned athletes.

TRX training for runners will allow you to focus on building up your running performance and get you ready to take on longer runs and can actually help to improve your running time. If it's done right, a TRX workout can elevated your heart rate as much a normal run would. This makes it a great tool to mix up your workouts helping to decrease risk of injury and help with recovery.

Suspension training can help to target key areas that benefit runners. It mobilizes the thoracic spine, increases hip mobility, and engages the glutes, which are often ignored by runners. A strong core is important for runners and TRX training is a great way to build up strength and stability in that area.

Try a TRX workout and see what it can do for you. Your workout should be designed with runner-specific exercises to improve your body’s strength, stability, and flexibility. Here are some different exercises that engage the core and work on building strength throughout the whole body. Aim to do 8-15 reps of each exercise and make sure that you can maintain good form and posture throughout the entire motion.

Sprinter Start

Face away from anchor point. Step forward with right leg. Lean into TRX at approximately a 45-degree angle. Drive off front leg and bring rear knee forward. Return to start position. Repeat with other leg.

Suspended Lunge

Face away from anchor point. Place one foot into both foot cradles at once, toes in. Plant left foot approximately three feet in front of anchor point. Lower hips into lunge position. Suspended leg will move back.  Pressing down on heel of grounded foot, return to start position. Maintain balance and upright body posture.  Repeat with other leg.

Hamstring Curl

Place heels in foot cradles directly under anchor point. Lie on back with arms at sides and palms flat on ground. Use core and glutes to lift hips into a bridge. Draw heels toward hips while lifting hips and squeezing glutes. Return to start position with control.

Squat Rows

Face anchor point with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold handles with arms extended. Lean back and walk feet forward to appropriate resistance angle. Lower into a squat. Stand up from the squat keeping shoulders pulled down and back. Pull body toward anchor point using back and arms. Return to start position with slow, controlled movement.

Did you know that it's been 10 years since the TRX burst into the fitness world in 2004?  How do you incorporate the TRX into your training?

Blog post by Catie Furbush CSCS.

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